Quick Start Guide Support Request Instructions

Support Available: Monday – Friday from: 8am – 5pm, Pacific Time.

Support requests are managed and tracked through a ticketing system called Connect Wise. Please follow these standard procedures when submitting support ticket:


  • Call our office: 310.584.1067 or 503-336-1929

Use the icon on your computer:

Use the LT icon for new tickets and then use email to communicate on that thread.

  • Green LT icon- (see picture below) Best method for submitting new tickets
    • Use when you want to send a screen cap to show us what’s wrong with your PC.
    • Use when you need any help with your PC. Using the LT(see picture below) option attaches your computer name to the ticket, so we can quickly see what computer the request is coming from. Remember to make sure your email address is listed in the “from” filed of the support request.


NOTE: If you do not know your password, click “Forgot your password?” link to have it emailed to you.



  • Send email to: support@virtual-itconsulting.com.
  • Send us a detailed message describing the issue. Please include your contact information.
  • Send a screen shot if possible.

The first method gives you a view of all your requests so that you don’t have to search through emails.