Our Team

Marc Tamarin


Marc attended Portland State University's School of Business where he graduated at the top of his class in Information Systems and Quantitative Analysis. He not only took the opportunity to learn about Information Technology, but also how IT affects business and how business affects IT. Marc recognized a gap in the industry for a technology services company that did more than speak geek and utilized his business background to create Virtual IT Consulting. As the company's president, he continues to determine IT needs based on the unique businesses of his clients and strives to provide information technology that is relevant to their respective industries.

Jesse Burke

Began supporting and building computer systems before he had one. Self-taught in nearly every facet of technology. Always up on the new technology, whether it be in your house, your pocket, your car or your fridge. Specializes in troubleshooting complex problems with an emphasis on creative problem solving. Always thinking outside the box, but remembering that the box is there and sometimes the simplest explanation is the right one. Strong ability to communicate with all different types of people, technical and not. Conveys ideas and never makes anyone feel self-conscious about their level of expertise. The goal is to help people solve their technology problems, so that they can get back to doing their own jobs with as little disturbance as possible. Nearly 17 years of experience and a degree in computer science as well. Also loves long walks on the beach and sunsets.

Rob Duran

Chief Technology Officer

Rob Duran has over 18 years of experience in systems technology. He was first introduced to computing when his family purchased a Commodore 64c. He came to Virtual-IT Consulting after serving nearly ten years at 21st Century Programming as their Sr. Lead Network Engineer and Technology Manager. Working with cutting edge hardware and software to support recycling companies across the US, Canada, and Mexico. Prior to 21cp, he served in various high tech and management positions, for companies like Lockheed Martin, City of New York, Advantage Sales & Marketing, and Chase Bank. Rob holds a wide range of experience in virtualization, advanced networking and large scale solutions. He is also a well-known power lifter, and holds several records for his age and weight class - bench pressing and deadlifting over 800 pounds! Many call him the Vin Diesel of technology.

Bryan Entze

Senior Engineer and Server Specialist

Bryan has 18+ years in the computer industry and has been working with computers ever since his mom bought him a TI-994a back in 7th Grade. He interned at Microsoft supporting Windows 3.x. After graduating with an electrical engineering degree, he worked at Intel Corporation supporting and training their customers like Dell and Gateway on server and networking solutions. When he isn't keeping up with the latest technology, Bryan likes to travel.